MEP Services

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D2 Engineering Services

MEP Services

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plumbing Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • COVID 19 containment in HVAC systems

Engineering-Construction Services:


  • Analysis of Project M/E/P Requirements
  • Comparative Reliability Analysis
  • Life Cycle Studies and Cost Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Site Inspection & Suitability Analysis
  • Single-point-of-failure Analysis
  • Owner’s Representation

Mechanical/Plumbing System Design

  • Variable refrigerant systems
  • Garage ventilation systems
  • Domestic water systems
  • Gas piping
  • Grease traps

Evaluation of Existing HVAC Systems

We provide evaluation of existing HVAC equipment and systems for owners and property managers. We survey buildings and observe the age, condition, efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC equipment and their associated controls. Our reports include all of our observations and recommendations for replacement now or over the next 5-10 years, with budget estimates included with our recommendations.



D2 Engineering has worked with numerous building owners in modifying and retrofitting their HVAC systems to minimize the potential airborne spread of CONVID 19

Replacement/Upgrade of Major HVAC Equipment

We have significant experience in the design for replacement and/or upgrade of chillers, cooling towers, boilers, air handling units, rooftop units. We also provide construction services throughout these projects to assure the installation goes in smoothly and per design. Construction services can include final inspection and commisioning of the new systems and their controls. Our recent projects include centrifugal, magnetic bearing, and screw chillers, condensing boilers, replacement of a 50 year old redwood cooling tower on a 31 story building in Nashville with induced draft cooling towers, replacement of a multizone AHU with a new VAV AHU, and many RTU replacements.


We have designed new Building Management Systems (BMS), and designed upgrades of existing BMS systems. We have considerable experience in testing and commissioning control systems to verify if they are performing the sequence of operation per design.

Design & Pre-Construction

  • Mechanical/Plumbing systems design and coordination with Architect & Civil Engineer

    - Chillers and chilled work systems
    - Cooling Towers and condenser water systems
    - Boilers and Steam /Hot Water systems - Air handling units - Rooftop units
    - VAV Systems
    - Pumps and piping systems
    - Fans and ductwork systems
    - Water source heat pump systems
    - Ventilation systems
    - Kitchen hood systems
    - Makeup air systems
    - Radiant heat systems
    - Computer room air conditioning systems
    - Humidification systems
    - De-humidification systems
    - HVAC control systems
    - Energy analysis/calculations
    - Load calculation

  • Electrical design and coordination with Architect and all other disciplines. Electrical design to include:

    - Electrical Power Distribution Design System
    - Interior Lighting Design System
    - Lighting Controls and Dimming Design System
    - Data and Telecommunication Design System
    - Emergency Generator Design Power Distribution System
    - UPS Design System
    - Fire Alarm Design System
    - VESDA system
    - Cable management
    - NOC room design
    - SCIF room design
    - Photometric studies and site lighting design
    - Site lighting control systems
    - Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems
    - Utility load calculation
    - Utility sub metering for special equipment or tenant
    - Short circuit calculation
    - voltage drop calculation
    - TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge suppresser design
    - Electrical code analysis
    - EPO design
    - Critical power distribution

  • Design Document Review (if designed by others)
  • Utility Coordination

Construction Services

  • Bid Analysis & Comparison
  • Submittal Review
  • Value Engineering
  • RFI services
  • Construction Progress Assessment
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Change Order Review
  • Review of O&M Manuals and As-Built Drawings
  • Review and Verification of Test and Balancing Reports

UPS Services

We have designed a variety of small and large size UPS for commercial and mission critical facilities. We have provided parallel redundant, N+1, 2N, series and expandable UPS design.

We have provided dry cell and wet cell battery design for selected UPS. Provided wet cell battery rooms that requires explosion proof environment.

Residential MEP Services

D2 Engineering has provided electrical design and construction services for variety of low-rise and high-rise multi-family residential units. Design for a multi-family residential building requires a number of items to be considered. There is a variety of people with various ages, health conditions, mobility and capabilities that live in multi-family residential buildings. We have successfully designed the electrical system for vast number of existing multi-family residential buildings with various services shown below.

The following is a list of the services that we have provided:

  1. Washer-dryer addition to individual units.
  2. Washer-dryer study.
  3. Laundry room expansion.
  4. Washer-dryer addition to apartment units that have no spare electric capacity.
  5. Changing of individual apartment HVAC unit with a different type, such as PTAC or window unit.
  6. Electric utility load calculations.
  7. Apartment riser load calculations.
  8. Replacement of Federal Pacific electrical panels.
  9. Replacement of old main distribution panels.
  10. Replacement of old main switchboards.
  11. Upgrading electrical rooms up to current codes.
  12. Providing a proper grounding for all electrical systems in all buildings.
  13. Design lightning system.
  14. Design additional outdoor site lighting.
  15. Design minimum lighting foot candle recommendations in walkways to avoid any dark spots.
  16. Fire pump addition upgrade/recommendations.
  17. Connection of fire pump to emergency generator.
  18. Modernization of elevator electrical system.
  19. Connection of elevator (s) to emergency generator.
  20. Limiting power outages to the elevators during construction.
  21. Providing generator or emergency power to the elevator and all its components.
  22. Upgrading emergency lighting in high-rise or low-rise, multi-family residential units.
  23. Design for fire alarm system.
  24. Reviewing fire alarm system proposals by a contractor.
  25. Provide recommendations for infrared scan of electrical system.
  26. Electric utility service evaluation and upgrade.
  27. Total building electrical system evaluation.
  28. Evaluation of existing fire pump and upgrade of the electrical connection to the fire pump.
  29. Connection of fire pump to the emergency generator

Generator Services

We have provided designs for emergency stand by generators for multi-family residential, medical, commercial and mission critical facilities. Provided load shedding design. Provided design for generator parallel gear for critical facilities including 911 center and major data center.

The following is a list of the services that we have provided:

  1. Addition of generator to support emergency lighting, fire alarm system, elevators, and life safety loads.
  2. Upgrade of existing generator.
  3. Evaluation of existing generator and existing load. Determine existing generator spare capacity to add new loads.
  4. Generator load shedding. Divide the loads to critical or life safety loads and essential loads. Provide design to prioritize the generator supply to critical load and to secondary/essential loads. During the generator overload condition, the generator will drop the load to essential equipments, and will only supply to the critical/life safety equipment. We will provide code compliant design.
  5. Startup and commissioning services.
  6. Generator power to a special equipment or area, such as sewer pumps, water pumps, management office, garage doors, front-entrance security lighting, main entry doors to the building, etc.
  7. D2 Engineering has provided engineering design for a normal and a luxury low-rise and high-rise buildings. We have extensive and diverse experience capabilities, which allow to provided proper design consultations to our client. We are specialized to sit down with the client and provide dedicated solutions to owners' special requirements and problems.
  8. We have provided and evaluated a number of emergency power systems that serve the buildings to create an upgraded system that complies and conforms to the latest electrical code requirements.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering Design Services

mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Delivering high quality, professional engineering design and construction services.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mission Critical - consulting services to complete design and construction services; to build a facility from the ground up.

Plumbing Engineering

Solutions that are practical, effective, and proven as well as ideas that are well-honed to the business challenges our clients face

Other Services

Engineering Construction


  • Analysis of Project M/E/P Requirements
  • Comparative Reliability Analysis
  • Life Cycle Studies and Cost Analysis

Design & Pre-Construction

Mechanical/Plumbing systems design and coordination with Architect & Civil Engineer.

Electrical design and coordination with Architect and all other disciplines. SEE MORE NOW!


  • Development of HVAC and Electrical Commissioning Procedures and Specifications tailored for the specific project
  • Building Systems Integration Testing
  • Factory Witness & Acceptance Testing

D2 ENGINEERING is gaining in stature as a respected engineering design company.

Since 2001, D2 ENGINEERING, has successfully completed over 3000 projects

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D2 ENGINEERING is an experienced engineering design company providing superior engineering design, construction services, and commissioning for new construction, renovations, mission critical and tenant fit outs.

D2 ENGINEERING offers a vast knowledge of design and expertise in commercial facilities. We focus on providing for our client the quality performance achieved in a cost effective and timely manner. The principals and key personnel of D2 ENGINEERING are experienced in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The principals have over 25 years of experience.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing Engineering

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